Context:  Education is a primary concern for me and has been my career.  It is the foundation that supports decisions made on issues facing our country. Our district  is rich with Colleges, Universities, public and private schools of which I am very familiar.


  • Enhance digital literacy in schools
  • Work harder to minimize class size
  • Assimilate students working in the community
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Incorporate mentoring
  • Provide safer environment and facilities for learning
  • Seek more ways students continue learning during summer


Context:  People can have a positive impact on the environment if we are proactive and supportive.  Through structure and planning we can take care of our planet.


  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Reduce consumption of limited resources
  • National effort for positive impact
  • International support and expertise
  • Dedication to seeking solutions for complex issues


Context: Municipalities in Lehigh and Northampton counties were built in an earlier time and infrastructure need repair and updating. I am a Civil and Environmental engineer with knowledge of the problems and solutions.


  • Evaluate and critique legislative programs on infrastructure
  • Seek solutions and seek funding to better our communities
  • Put forth compelling reasons for public funds for structures


Health Care

Context:  In our district, Health Care is a growing job market and needed entity. I believe health care is a basic right for everyone.


  • USA in unique situation to provide health care, but we do not
  • No person should be in critical condition because of affordability
  • Health can stabilize families


Context:  People should feel safe where they are working, learning and relaxing.


  • Address how people obtain weapons and ammunition
  • Use expertise to effect emergency preparedness
  • Prepare and respond to natural disasters
  • Separate immigration/refugee from issues of safety

The Economy

Context:  The economy translates into jobs.  The more people working will drive taxes down.


  • Development for areas of high unemployment
  • Education opportunities to create skilled workforce
  • International lens for manufacturing of supply of services