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Blogging is a good way of developing conversation on topics.  I believe that in any communication of this type everyone must respect the input of others.  We certainly will not all agree  but I encourage us to look to the end product and ask if we are better off having a conversation! Thanks for your comments!

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    1. The redistricting resulted in the combination of Northampton, Lehigh and a small portion of Monroe Counties into the new 7th Congressional District. As a result, the portion of Northampton County where I live has moved into this new district and out of the district represented by Congressman Cartwright. The redistricting therefore opened an opportunity to run for the seat that will be vacated by Congressman Dent.

      I believe that the redistricting will have a large impact on the district in that it combines communities that have very similar needs and constituencies. This allows the representative to Congress from the district to focus on the specific issues with in the district. In addition, the more compact geographical area provides greater opportunity for the representative to travel within the district (shorter distances between municipalities) and contact a greater number of people.

  1. You left a door hanger on my door in Allentown’s west-end. I have never heard of you, so I visited your site.

    Your stance is to separate safety from immigration issues. That is vague. What is your stance on amnesty for undocumented immigrants? What is you stance on borders security? Would you vote to fund the wall?

    BTW, I live in your district; I willl consider voting for you if your answers are direct, clear, and indicate you will fight for that which you believe is right. Ambiguous, politicized answers that do not signal commitment are, to me, disqualifiers.

    Thank you!

    1. Joe,

      Thank-you for your questions. I do believe that answers should be direct and clear so I will attempt to answer your questions as directly and clearly as I can. Related to amnesty for undocumented immigrants. I believe that undocumented immigrants who are here in the United States making contributions to our society should be given the opportunity to stay. This may take the form of a path to citizenship or documentation that permits their stay. I do not believe in a blanket amnesty. In certain cases such as DACA I believe that these individuals should be provided with a direct path to citizenship.

      In regard to border security and the wall. I do believe that we need to have secure borders and would support efforts to insure that our borders, not only our geographical borders but all points of entry into the United States, are secure. I would not vote to fund the wall. I believe that it is a waste of money and not the best way to secure the border. We currently have The Great American Canal that forms formidable border between Mexico and Southern California. Each year many people drown in the canal (over 500 since it opened) showing that physical barriers do not stop people from entering the country. I grew up in a generation that had a different concept when one mentioned the “wall”. It was of the Berlin Wall and I can remember how that structure placed a negative world opinion on the country that built it. Therefore, because I believe that the $12 – $14 billion estimated to build the wall is a waste, there are better ways to secure our borders, and the negative symbol that a wall portrays are all good reasons not to support the wall.

      I tried to be clear and direct in my answers but as with most of the questions I am asked during the campaign they are very complex and may have different answers for different situations. My fundamental core beliefs are for human rights and being fair and consistent. I will fight for these beliefs with all I have within me.

      Thanks again for your questions. I regret that I didn’t have a chance to meet you in person but maybe someday we will get a chance to discuss the important questions you have raised. If elected it is my goal put myself in as many places as I can to hear questions and public opinion. I look forward to walking through neighborhoods as I did on Saturday and last evening and just talking to people.

  2. Climate change is one of the most critical issues of our age. Can you please describe your stance on climate change and detail the policies you would endorse to address it?

    1. I agree that climate change is one of the most critical issues if not the most critical issue not only our nation but the world faces. As an educator and engineer I have conducted research and worked on projects that are related to climate change. Little is published on the potential impact of climate change but here are just a few issues:

      1) The shifting of precipitation patterns will be one of the most devastating impacts. As an example Northern California is project to become dryer with significantly less rainfall. Southern California receives much of its water from Northern California. What happens to the significant population of Southern California if there is no water? Many areas around the world have similar situations where projected decreased precipitation in high concentration population regions will result in issue of supplying water for the people. Capetown South Africa is a good current example.

      2) Many areas are projected to have significant changes in precipitation patterns. As an example here in the northeast United States we are project to get wetter (more precipitation) and that precipitation is expected to come as more intense storms. If this occurs we have to realize that all of our infrastructure designs are based on historical rainfall data. Higher intensity rainfall events will in many cases overload our storm water facilities and result in flooding.

      3) Sea level rise is a very real concern not only 50 years from now but also right now. I investigated several flooded locations in the New York City area following Hurricane Sandy. The tidal rise was the greatest ever recorded (in over 100 years of record) and vast areas were flooded. I would estimate that billions of dollars were lost as the result of this flooding. As sea level rises lesser storm will cause similar damage.

      4) General human health issues are even today being linked to climate change. Lack of food and water (or both) have and will continue to displace vast numbers of people. Warmer temperatures will cause problems for many elderly and those with respiratory issues.

      I could go on but you can see the many issues we are currently facing and the many more we will face in the future. The following are some of the policies that I would pursue:

      1) We (the United States) needs to be a central player on the international stage when it come to the environment. We need to get back to the table and have meaningful discussions with our world neighbors on how we will address a deteriorating environment which is the main driver of climate change.

      2) I believe that we have the best researchers in the world and I believe that we need to focus research money through the National Science Foundation and other federal governmental agencies into identifying the drivers of climate change and how to address those drivers.

      3) We as a country also need to recognize the impact we are making on the environment and look at our life style and see how we can change. This will take a significant effort from the federal government to educate the public and provide opportunities for that change (such as more efficient forms of mass transit).

      4) I would professional review and propose changes to various building codes to make buildings more environmentally efficient and how current infrastructure may require changes to handle the changing weather patterns.

      5) I would propose additional funding to the United States Geological Survey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to enhance their environmental monitoring in order to provide us with a greater body of data to analyze how our climate is changing.

      6) I would propose that a group of professionals develop plans on how best to address the problems of a changing environment (droughts, lack of food and response to major climate driven events).

      7) I would propose that the federal government have programs that help the elderly and those with respiratory problems with ways to better deal with the heat (too many people die each year from the heat).

      I could go on but while I have a very good back ground in the environment I would meet with those in various agencies of the federal government to understand their ideas and their suggestions. I believe that if we all can work together we can develop effective environmental policies that will help to mitigate future negative impacts of climate change.

  3. I did not ask this question but I like your answer very much. IMO we need more scientists and engineers in government. People who have the capability to analyze and solve problems, not stick their heads in the sand. Good luck and you just got my wife and my votes.

  4. I would like to learn about your views on the Middle East, specifically about the move of our embassy to Jerusalem

    1. My view on the Middle East is that we (the United States) have not done enough to seek peace in the region. I believe that we first need to get a coalition of countries from outside the region that will sincerely bind together in an effort to secure peace. With this group I believe that serious discussion could be accomplished. Everybody should be going into these discussions with the idea of creating a lasting peace and not to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

      As far as moving the embassy to Jerusalem I believe that this was a message and a costly one. We need to create an atmosphere where there is trust and understanding and not cause additional friction. I believe that someday the embassy could move to Jerusalem if we worked hard enough to gain the peace this portion of the world deserves.

  5. I have read your platform and I am impressed with your views on all the issues listed. I realize that it is impossible to go through all the issues facing our nation on your website but as a father of daughters I would very much like to hear about your views on women’s rights as it relates to equal opportunity / equal pay, healthcare etc.
    I too believe that education is probably the most important issue and most probable solution to all the issues not only facing our nation but the world at large.
    Thank you and good luck in your endeavor.

    1. I also am a father to two daughters and in addition five soon to be six granddaughters. I am a very strong believer in equal rights for all. I understand the issues that face various groups including women. My wife is in a profession that was historically male and I witness her struggles. I further believe equal pay is only fair and I am all about being fair. Some groups have different needs. Women are a group in the health care field that have different needs. We need to recognize this and make available health care that addresses those needs such as prenatal care and breast cancer screenings as examples. I believe that all American have a right to health care and we need to insure that the appropriate health care is available for all.

  6. What is your view on a “25th Amendment”? Are you willing and interested in fighting against the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling?

    1. The 25th Amendment seems to be a reasonable succession to the Presidency based on various potential events. The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC was a blow to election finance reform. I believe that we need to take big money out of campaigns. My campaign has not and will not take large contributions. I am running my campaign on a very low budget funded primarily by myself. I hope to show that a campaign like this can be successful which I hope will encourage others to run. I just looked at data on PAC contributions to candidates and the top 50 House of Representatives recipients were all incumbents. All had over a million dollars in their campaign funds. I would be very interested in pursuing campaign finance reform. At this point I am not sure of the past path to take to accomplish that goal.

  7. What do you know about the “United Together” Super PAC, which has sent out fliers attacking Greg Edwards and Susan Wild recently? They are well funded and seem to be supporting one or more of the Democratic primary candidates. As a candidate, this is important for you to know ( identifies the large donors which is interesting in its own right but it would take digging from there).

  8. Hello. In the past, I spent many years attending Easton City Council meetings. At that time, I thought you were a republican. When did you switch parties and what was the reason for the change? Also, what is your stance on abortion? I am completely undecided with the upcoming primary and looking to hear more from you, as I always though of you as a stand-up guy.

    1. Tim,

      When I first moved to Easton my wife and I went to the Home Show at Lafayette College and the first booth that we saw was the Republican booth and they were signing people up to vote. Neither one of us had been involved in politics before so when we filled out the application and since we were standing in front of the Republican booth we both registered as Republicans. Later my neighbor who was vice president of the Easton Republican Committee asked me if I would consider running for City Council and I agreed. I lost that election and ran again 2 years later and also lost that election but two of the council members were elected to other offices and had to resign from Easton City Council. At that time I was elected to city council by a unanimous vote of all Democrats. I did not change my party at that time because I wanted to show that I could win an election as a Republican and the next election I did that gaining 67% of the vote. Once I started running for office I became more involved with each party and found that my views and beliefs aligned with the Democratic Party to a much greater extent than the Republican. In addition, most of my friends were Democrats so just prior to the next election I switched my party to Democrat and in that election and the most recent election I was unopposed.

      My stand on abortion is basically the outcome of Roe v. Wade. I believe that a woman has a right to choose up to a point when medically the unborn child can survive outside the womb. At that point it is the responsibility of the state to protect life. This is a very divided issue and I do understand arguments from both sides but we need to move forward and develop laws that we can all live by.

      1. Thank you for your response. It’s a very interesting story. I look forward to researching more on your policies. Especially since I am already familiar with your character.

        P.S. I also work with your daughter Karen. She’s a wonderful person.

  9. Thank you for serving our country………Would you please expand on your four years in the USAF, such as your specialty, where you served, achievements, highest rank, etc. Thank you.

    1. I went into the USAF following high school and was stationed out of tech school (Keesler, Biloxi, MS) at Saratoga Air Force Station in Saratoga Springs, NY. My career field was in long range radar. The radar set that I was assigned to was an FPS-27 search radar and that radar was also used by Boston Control Center to control aircraft over northeastern United States. As an Airman First Class I was made a crew chief and during swing and mid shift that my crew was on I was in charge of the radar. I achieved the rank of Sargent and got out after serving 4 years primarily to go to college. I served from 1972 – 1976. During the last year I was in I was selected to go to NCO Leadership School where I won the Commandant Award for outstanding leadership.

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